Getting the Community working


We have launched a new platform to take all the skilled workers we have in our networks and connect them to local employers who are looking for some extra staff.  We will employ the worker on our payroll.  We hire the workers out to you and invoice you for their time at around the same price you would pay them if you employed them directly.

The only difference is that you won’t have to deal with any employer obligations, insurances, personal issues, payroll, etc etc.  Just one invoice per week and its done, no matter how many staff you take on.

We have the time and the resources already in place to collect, sift, interview, and hand pick the exact people you need.  We have over 1,500 people on our database already who we can sift through.  This saves you money on advertising, having someone deal with recruitment and adds more time to your business for you and other staff to focus on the business at hand.

If you would like a FREE QUOTE, submit a request here:

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