Youth in Business in Thailand University

After long negotiations with the Thailand govt in partnership with O-YES International, the govt has signed off on a pilot program to get out Youth in Business program into the University of Thailand.   The decision comes after the conciliation that the unemployment rate keeps rising and is unexceptable and something needed to change.   … More Youth in Business in Thailand University

Volunteer Power

When volunteers come together to make something happen, they can accomplish anything.  This is our group of volunteers from the Help Himayam Youth Foundation.  We achieved a huge accomplishment with pulling off Melbourne’s most diverse annual multicultural festival.  I’m proud to have had the priviliage to manage this group and work alongside the leaders of … More Volunteer Power

Behind a successful man is always a strong and supporting family

As the Founder of NCB Group, I have not been able to make this into the success that it is without a strong stable and supporting family behind me.  The family is the foundation to an individuals sucess and there are far too many broken families out there where the children suffer as a consequence. … More Behind a successful man is always a strong and supporting family

Uniting the Community through RESPECT and TOLERANCE

NCB had the pleasure of managing Melbourne’s first New and emerging Communities Festival held by the Help Himalayan Youth Foundation.  The event was a great success and we were able to bring so many communities together in the name of peace, tolerance, respect and cultural diversity.   I look forward to the 2018 Festival which will … More Uniting the Community through RESPECT and TOLERANCE

New Job Markets

We have launched 2 new community support Groups on Facebook.  Sydney Job Market and Melbourne job Market.  The purpose of these two groups is to connect people who need jobs to companies who need workers.  We have connected with many companies and they are now providing jobs directly into our Groups and more and more people … More New Job Markets

Community Food Banks

As part of a community project, we ran a number of Food Banks in Victoria to support those were struggling financially due to unfortunate circumstances.  Our strategy was to provide financial counselling to those who register for the food banks so that they would gain knowledge and some insight as to strategies to improve their … More Community Food Banks