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3NCB Business is a Division of the NCB Group that focuses on young Entrepreneurs and new start ups.  Its most successful program is called Youth in Business and has been successfully trialled and tested in the community and in the Victorian Education system as part of the curriculum and also out in the wider community.

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“Youth in Business’s recent success was working with
Year 8 and 9 students.  The project was to work as a group
and pick a business model to work on as a team.
They chose to start up an Event Management
business and launched their first event
calling it “Break Night Concert”

They went through a lot of ups and downs and experienced everything you would go through in a fully functional business.  They had team members give up, others were negative regarding reaching the goals and then there were those who persevered and managed to push it through to a launch.  The launch was successful and they held the community concert, had a few hundred people turn up, charged entry tickets at the door, sold food, raffles and made more than 70% profit after expenses.  They then got to split the money between them and are now planning the next event.

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The results have been highly effective and this program has become well known internationally and now it has been set up in 3 more countries including:

  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • China

Our Youth in Business program is currently being looked at by the Department of Justice here in Australia in Victoria for implementation into the Juvenile Detention Centres so that the kids have some real world applications they can use when they re enter the society and need to immediately find an income to survive.

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