Employee Orientation

NCB GROUP Employee Orientation

Welcome to NCB Group Orientation for Employees.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with all the general documentation that you will need and to briefly orient you with your new working environment.

There are many different roles that are being filled so this is a general overview of the company and the basic operating basis.

NCB Group was formed in 1998 to bring about sustainable solutions for the community sector to allow them to develop their own resources.  NCB Employment was formed specifically to help people get work and connect people with the networks we have in the community who are looking for staff.

There are some basic rules and regulations around your employment including Staff Conduct and Expectations.  Below are a couple of important documents that you should take the time to read and make sure to ask any questions if you come across anything you dont fully understand.

Code of Ethics | Youth Workers Click Here

NCB GROUP Code of Ethics

Policy and Procedure Manual Click Here

NCB GROUP Policies and Procedures Manual 2

Employee Details | For Payments Click Here

NCB GROUP Employee Details

Supervision Standards Click Here

NCB GROUP SUpervision Standards

Tax File Number Declaration Form Click Here

NCB GROUP TFN Declaeration

Tax Withholding Declaration Form Click Here

NCB GROUP PAYG Withholding Declearation