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With the event of new immigration laws that are restricting many residents who are not intended to be effected by these changes, we have had to partner up with other leading organising such as IWInAUS which is an advocacy for Kiwis across Australia who have been effected and left stranded in one way or another.

From organising Rally’s to visiting immigration detention centres and offering pro bono case management and advocacy for those who do not have access to govt resources.


We also help to run and manage huge community multicultural festivals promoting peace and tolerance of cultures, religions, and groups.  We have built a strong reputation amongst key leaders in the political arena to help fight for Human Rights.  The following are just some of the events and festivals we have helped to set up, run and manage.

The New and Emerging Communities Annual Festival

Human Rights

The Melbourne Muslim EID Festival


Human Rights Rally’s

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Human Rights Cultural Presentations


Human Rights Entertainment Events and Fundraisers


We sit on the board with African Human Rights Committees


Middle Eastern Human Rights Committees


Interfaith Human Rights Committees


Pacific Island Human Rights Committees


Human Rights Live TV interviews

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Indigenous Human Rights


“The programs goal is to advocate for the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which was put together by Elinor Roosevelt shortly after WWII in the effort to prevent such a catastrophe from ever happening again.  The purpose was to lay out what Human Rights violations where and to get all countries to agree not to allow its people to violate these basic Human Rights ever again”.

We have Human Rights activities that we work on to create Tolerance and Respect across cultures and religions.  One of our Human Rights programs that we have adopted is called Youth for Human Rights and is one of the most successful Human Rights education in the world at this time.

The main purpose is to pave the way for our next generation so that they can grow up in a fair and just world.  We create a platform to enable them to have a voice and be heard as that is a Human Right.


If you want to know more about our latest projects or you want to get involved and volunteer contact us here.