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We also have vitamins that we sell as part of our resources that are highly effective in rebuilding the bodies immune system so the body has more strength to fight off current day diseases caused from the malnutrition food we consume.   We have launched an Organic Food and Nutrition online ordering system to help make it easier to access high quality nutritious foods and vitamins.

This department is called Zara’s Organics.  Named after my Daughter, because we raised her from birth as a naturally born child, home birth, no immunisations, no drugs while giving birth, Silent birth and we used organic food to build her immune system from day one.  She now has a very strong and resilient immune system and doesn’t get sick.

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We also specialise in organ detoxing which can save your liver or kidney from being removed.  Once you have done a detox, you will flush out stones from your Gaul Bladder.  Here is some from a recent detox done by myself.

If you would like to order any vitamins or make a request regarding a specific food or vitamin, contact us on the details below.