Job Actives

NCB GROUP job activesNCB Group has worked as a Host for Work for the Dole over the last couple of years, working with Job Seekers providing them with skills that can help them become more employable.

We have now launched a Labour Hire arm to be able to provide an even better outcome for the unemployed candidates that we have in our networks.  We also are able to utilise our Community networks to locate Job Vacancies and this is how we get our Clients.

We are launching an Intern program to train up new staff in the fields we specialise in and develop and expand our ability to provide support to the community.

Job Vacancies for Interns | Click Here

NCB Job Vacancies for Interns

Job Vacancies | Click Here

NCB Job Vacancies

Work for the Dole | Click Here

NCB GROUP Work for the Dole

If you want to know more about our projects or employment opportunities,
you can reach us here.