Domestic Respect

NCB GROUP Domestic Respect 2

In this program we teach women, young people and anyone who is prone to be victimised by another, how to defend themselves in a hostile situation, how to deal with someone stronger, taller, and physically dominating with very little effort so you have time to run and call for help.

Also participants learn about mental defence and how they can read people better and be able to pick someone who can be trusted as a friend, partner or business partner.  This can prevent a negative situation from ever being experienced in the first place.

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The Grand Master has trained many fighters, boxers, celebrities and also is the former trainer for the US Navy Seals.  He also had the privileged of training from scratch the Legendary Bruce Lee under the guidance of IP Man.

Here is a picture of me putting the Grand Master to the test!


This program has been a great success and through the training and mentoring we are able to build in respect and tolerance.  Also with a high confidence level, the odds of someone messing with you dramatically lessons as you are no longer afraid of anyone no matter how big, strong, or trained they are.

The art of Wing Chung is far superior than any other style once you combine it with the Grand Masters street fighting knowledge and experience.

For more information on how to join the program, you can contact us here.