Criminal Rehabilitation

NCB GROUP Criminal rehabilitation

This is a program where we use community programs to help rehabilitate morals and ethics.  The goal is to bring the person up to the point where can regain his self respect.  Once this is achieved he will start to care about his life and as a result will start to take responsibility for his actions.

Criminal Rehabilitation

One of the biggest problems is when an inmate leaves the prison system he doesn’t have the resources to turn his situation around or knowledge or how to repair or change his lifestyle from that which he came from.    This is why we focus on outcomes like education on the economic system so they know how to access and create wealth from day one.  Also how to learn the life skills necessary to expose the blind spot which landed them in trouble in the first place.

Here is one of our students coming out of prison and straight into his own business

10747845_748735848531230_458068022_n IMG_5960
BEFORE                                            AFTER

We use a range of life improvement courses to rehabilitate the self respect of a person who has lost it and become a criminal.  Once the self respect is rehabilitated, the individual regains his integrity and can rebuild his life from a fresh beginning.

We also offer support in the courts to advocate for some of our young people as they dont always have someone to support them or guide them.


This is what it looks like just before you walk in to a correctional facility


If you are interested to know more about this program or how you can get involved, you can contact us here.