Anti Drug Campaigns

NCB GROUP Anti Drug Campaigns

We work with young adults and kids on the streets to show them what options they have when it comes to prevention or rehabilitation.  Getting someone off drugs is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish due to lack of rehabilitation programs out there that offer real help.  Often a rehabilitation program will encourage the addiction of medication in order to replace the addiction of a drug.

“In the end, the only way out is a full Mind, Body and Spirit rehabilitation as the drugs damage and permeate across all of a persons life”.  

“We have found workable natural programs out there but there are a lot of funded rehabs that actually use drugs to hook you on so you stop taking the ones you were taking and start taking theirs”.

Prevention is the ultimate solution and that is where our anti drug campaigns come in as we partner up with Drug Free World and they donate the materials we need to educate kids into not taking drugs in the first place.

Teaching kids of all ages what drugs do to your Body and Mind


Travelling around the country delivering Anti Drug Lectures in rural communities


Teaching Adults how to get the kids off drugs once they are started


Taking Youth for a Tours through one of Melbourne most successful drug rehabilitation centres.


Taking it to the families so that they can spread it to the next generation


If you would like to get involved or want to know more about these programs you can contact us here.