Literacy Programs

NCB GROUP Literacy Programs

We also assist with various homework clubs and work one on one with kids that need assistance to understand their school work better.  We target the literacy as it lies at the root of many problems if not addressed and handled.


Most times once a student has hit too many barriers and is not winning as a student in class, that continues out of class the the kid ends up playing up or getting into trouble.  If it continues to go undetected, the child can get into some trouble that can be irreversible.


Our goal is to teach them how to learn so that they have the skills to absorb and comprehend and apply anything they are learning.


We have adopted a Study Technology that was developed by Mr L Ron Hubbard to advance children into a higher state of comprehension.   We have successfully used these methods to give these kids a head start in their studies.


If you would like to get more information about these programs you can reach us here