NCB Immigration

NCB GROUPNCB Immigration deals with migrant integration programs and education.  Also a very key part in NCB Immigration is advocacy for Human Rights in the field of violations being reported by community leaders or people directly themselves.

Immigration matters can include case management through our affiliate organisations such as IWInAUS which is an Australian National watch dog for New Zealander Immigration Human Rights violations and also takes on case management pro bono for those who cannot afford support.

Our integration program uses a community based network of resources to provide free support for those who are falling between the cracks.  We cover such things as:

  • Learning English
  • Getting a drivers Licence
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Connecting to local education options
  • Getting employed, TFN and any required documentations
  • Visa applications
  • Economic basics of the Australian System
  • Laws and Regulations relating to general living
  • Cultural Manners and differences
  • Communication Skills to assist in population integration

Those are some of the resources we have through our networks in the Community Sector.  If you would like to create a similar model for your community contact us below and we will help you get set up or further improve a program that you already have in place by adding more value to it.


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