NCB Community

NCB GROUP (1)NCB Community is a division of the NCB Group that focuses on Community Non Profit Projects and developing new programs and strategies to tackle problems faced in the community sector by community groups.

NCB Community has 18 years of experience behind it in working with the Community sector and developing programs and delivering outcomes for disadvantaged youth all the way to disadvantaged families.

Here are some of the programs we put together sharing resources in the community.

Family Violence and Anti Bullying Programs

NCB GROUP Domestic Respect 2

Youth in Business Project

NCB GROUP Youth in Business

Community Food Banks

NCB GROUP COmmunity Food Banks

Human Rights Campaigns

NCB GROUP Human Rights

Criminal Rehabilitation

NCB GROUP Criminal rehabilitation

Anti Drug Campaigns

NCB GROUP Anti Drug Campaigns

Literacy Programs

NCB GROUP Literacy Programs

Getting Kids off the Streets

NCB GROUP Bounce back

Work for the Dole Projects

NCB GROUP Work for the Dole

Community Testimonies

NCB GROUP Community Testimonies

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NCB Community