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1New Civilization Builders Group or NCB Group was formed in 1998 by founder Andrew Gason to address the main problems faced by the Community Social Support Sector.

The idea behind it is to use its wealth of experience to empower communities and make them more resilient to the problems facing them when dealing with the Social Sector.  Problems such as lack of income, lack of staff, lack of knowledge of the economic system and lack of resources.

The solution was to develop programs that would educate, connect and empower individuals to be able to confront, solve and handle their organisation better through more effective management, free marketing resources, more income ideas, better structure and more networks.

This has lead into branching out into Education, Employment, Business, Immigration, Healthcare, Community and Property.  These are the main areas of society that need to be addressed in order to under-cut the Crime, Illiteracy, Drugs and Immorality rates.

The purpose behind why NCB Group was formed is explained here in a short video from the founder:

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